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Top Band Direction Finding

The Thames Valley area has a strong active group of's and these cover several frequencies from VHF to H.F. this page is dedicated for the Mid Thames Direction Finding Club.

Secretary Doreen Pechey Email click here.

Most events start from March through to November, during the weekends and week nights. 

All top Band Receivers are hand build as there are no "Black Box" manufactures for off the self purchase, it is a great challenge for clubs to make them as a project and then get out and test them, with a bit of hide and seek in the woods.

The use of compass, map reading and navigation gets the brain working and the enjoyment of fresh air, what ever the conditions, rain, snow, hail and sunshine.

Pictures from Recent Events.        Click on the picture for a full image

     Min_GT_Peck.jpg (237682 bytes)                       brian.jpg (51042 bytes)             trevor.jpg (30009 bytes)       dave.jpg (38432 bytes) 

Alan G7UZY & I (we came 5th)   Brian G4KBB First      Trevor G1MPJ 2nd.    Dave giving the results.

Links to dates of events and other organisations to follow shortly.

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